Tuesday, October 23, 2012


My kids love to paint. They will paint anything, anywhere at any time. I try to indulge them in this because it's good for them & they are learning & making a huge mess! The problem is that I usually have to be prepared to cleaned up the mess & also bathe the kids.

Last week,  this perfect canvas was begging to be painted.

I remembered seeing window paint on Pinterest so I looked it up & viola- a beautiful masterpiece. This was really fun.  The kids had a blast.  The paint is made with dish soap & washable tempera paint. I will say that I think I put too much dish soap.  It was a bit hard to clean off. My kids had a very bubbly bath after!  Unfortunately,  my dear husband decided painting this particular window is dangerous so it won't happen again. I'm bummed!

Another Pinterest pin,  was bath paint. The recipe called for baby bath wash & food coloring.  It was way too light on our pink tub.  In the past I've used shaving cream with food coloring.  It’s much brighter stays on their paint brushes better. Its always a good time! Ollie loves when the water gets "murky."

 I often tape up large paper on the kitchen wall. I buy rolls of it at hobby lobby. We've used different paints this way but typically stick to washable tempera. While painting this, Dawson was telling me about the house he was painting. "see this is the window." I was impressed. 
 Last week , we went to a pumpkin patch & bought some little pumpkins. (We bought some big ones, too.) I told the kids they could paint them. We finally got around to it. they've asked a bunch! It was a lot of fun. I asked them not to paint themselves & they complied. Is that all it took?