Friday, January 30, 2009

Play Time!

Ollie loves to play. He has become very verbal while he sucks on and holds his toys. Although he's only rolled over a few times, he is doing a great job of pushing his chest up during tummy time and can sit up for short periods of time without assistance. 

He also has a jumperoo that a friend of mine, Julianne, is letting me borrow. He loves it and goes crazy bouncing. Every time he jumps it lights up and makes noise. He figured that out in a hurry.  He does, however, like to be affirmed while jumping. An occasional, "Great job, Ollie!" does the trick. It's hilarious! 

He has also decided that the swing is okay.  Initially, he hated the thing and every time we put him in it he would scream and of course puke. He does though have a time limit. The other morning he was sitting in it while I finished breakfast for Bob and I and course Ollie. He decided he had enough and began howling. I looked at him and signed "All done?" while saying it too. After I said it a few times, Ollie raised his arms, signed all done and shouted, "AhhhDahhh! AhhhDahhh!" I'll try to catch it on camera. 

Christmas 08

We flew to the Midwest for Christmas this year. For many of our family, it was their first time meeting Ollie. My dad picked us up at the airport and whisked us off to Lakeville where met his Aunt & Uncle, cousins and Grams. 

It was also the first time my grandpa Curt met Ollie. It was a very special moment for me. He had 1 son who died years ago in a car accident. He currently has 1 daughter, 3 granddaughter and 3 great granddaughters. Now he has a great grandson. It was touching. On Christmas day, while holding Ollie, he said with tears in his eyes, "I never thought I'd reach heaven before I died."

It was a great yet stressful trip. Ollie was in 4 different houses in three days and stayed overnight in 3 of them the first 3 days we were there. On Saturday, he had a meltdown.  He cried off and on for 6 hours that morning and then struggled that evening as well. 

Left Handed?

We think Ollie might just be left handed. As you can see from the picture, he is using his left hand to shove (and I mean shove) some cereal into his mouth. This wouldn't be surprising considering his Grandma Carol, Grandpa Jim and Uncle Jake are all left handed. We'll have to wait and see before we make a final judgement. But I hear people that are left handed are really creative...

First Entry

So I've finally jumped on the band wagon & created a blog. I figure this way you can check in periodically & see what we're up to!