Saturday, November 28, 2009

A neat sighting

As usual, we went for our morning walk & then went to the back yard to check out the cows in pasture behind us. We just happened upon a mama with her brand new calf. The baby was still wet. We watched for several minutes as the mama cleaned her calf & persuaded it to its feet. We watched the calf take it's first steps!! It was incredible. One minute it couldn't even stand up & the next it was walking! So cool.

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Thanksgiving 2009

We had a fantastic day! I cooked a turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, augratin califlower & a couple cheesecakes. We brought them to our church which was having a community outreach dinner. There was quite a spread. We stuffed ourselves full. Ollie really loved the cheesecake. After lunch, Bob took Ollie home while I stayed to help with deliveries. It was a really neat experience. We were able to deliver meals to families who weren't able to otherwise enjoy one. Please keep those families in your prayers this holiday season.

After I got home, we went to our friends, Randy & Sandy, for a bit more dessert. It was fun to visit with them. Ollie loved Sandy's cat pillows!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ollie has mastered the art of getting up onto a chair by himself. He gets up there & then yells at ne to help him down so he can climb back up & so on & so on. Ah. What's a mother to do?

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Friday, November 20, 2009

The story of my life

So, I needed a shower. The baby is up & in to everything. I have two choices, no shower or baby in the shower. I chose option two.

Now in the last post, I mentioned how everytime I take ollie's diaper off, he pees. Well it gets worse. I stripped him down & went to turn on the shower. He squats. Does he pee? No...he poops! He is blocking my way to get anything to get his "present" off the floor & I see my dog Lyle coming up from the rear. I scream in horror & pick up Ollie to get him out of the way so I can grab some TP to get it up. Well, Ollie fell & Lyle made a wild dash for the poo. Ollie started wailing. I got him up, screamed at Lyle, the supreme moron who has already started chowing (gross!) & cleaned up the mess. Urgh but I did eventually get my shower.

I'm a stinker!!

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Why is it?

Why is it that the very moment after you remove a baby boy's diaper, he squats on the floor & pees?

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Funfest Pictures

Sorry I've been so delinquent! We had a fall festival at our church on October 30th. Ollie was dressed as a rockstar. I had to alter a few things in order to make it work. I bought adult tattoo sleeves and sewed a seam to make sure they fit tight. Then I cut them shorter and sewed them into the sleeve of his shirt. For those of you who are amateur seamstresses like myself, I recommend that you never ever try this. I thought I would lose my mind. I also bought a girl's studded belt and cut two small chunks off for wrist bands. I just stuck a bit of velcro on them. I used the left over for his belt. My wonderful husband dressed like a Marshall amp. Now, although Bob's costume was very clever, it was not very smart when his job was to be in charge of our 14 month old. You'll see what I mean!

Ollie had fun at the event even though he didn't play many of the games. He did however pet the goats, paint a pumpkin, and dive into the ball pit. He also enjoyed the duck pond. He's so sweet!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Walk in the Park

We went shopping today with our friends Julianne, Brady & Landon. After a long day of tagging along with us, we decided the boys deserved a little fun so we went to the "Kid's Together" park. It is a great park! Unfortunately, I got no pictures of the three of them. Boo!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Super Baby

Check this out and let me know what you think!

Ollie's First Haircut!

I finally let Bob do it. He took the clippers to my sweet boy's head.Here are some pictures & a short video! You will notice that he has a scrape on his forehead and nose. He face planted off our front steps onto the cement. Poor kid. Also, I promise to post pictures from our fall festival soon. Ollie was the cutest little rockstar you ever did see!

I'm feeling frustrated. The pictures are backwards. So the afters are first~grrr.

Here's the video