Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Little Bit of Messiness Goes a Looong Way!

We haven't done much for formal learning but we have had some good messy fun. Today, I cooked some spaghetti and threw it in the baby pool. Hearing the squeals of my kids made peeling it off the walls later oh so worth it. The funniest was watching Dawson flinch and shake his head every time some spaghetti worked its way up there. Ollie played in it for much longer. He really thought this way cool. I had to tell him sixteen times not to eat it. I just brought the baby pool in from outside. It wasn't exactly sanitary. It took every fiber of my being not to jump in their with the kids but there just wasn't room.

So in addition to playing in spaghetti, we have also played in flour. This is not our first flour experience. You can look here to check out our last time. Both boys really enjoyed this. And for Dawson, this is his first experience with such an interesting texture. I never
worry too much about it being ALL over my house. What's a little flour on carpet when your boys get to feel it between their toes?

I really cherish the time I have with my two boys. I love to allow them to be kids and I love to relive being a kid right along with them. I find that when I just let go and experience childhood my days fly by. I really love being home. All I have ever wanted to do (besides teach) was have kids and be home with them! I do not look forward to my boys growing up and moving out.

Come on, make my day!

Ollie's flour angel


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Better late than never!

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet sister, Jade. Her birthday was yesterday and although I had every intention of getting this up yesterday, I did not. Nonetheless, Happy birthday!

I've known Jade all my life. She is a wonderful sister and friend. When we were younger, she frequently tried to kill me. I guess my survival proved my worth. haha. Ok. Kill is a bit of an exaggeration. Over the years, she has become incredibly loving, encouraging and loyal. Her witty humor has made me laugh on many a bad day. I am ever thankful for her friendship! Happy birthday my dear sister. I am blessed to have you in my life.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun Baby Tricks

I took Dawson to the doctor on Monday; he is officially 24 lbs. He has graduated to a convertible car seat as I just couldn't stuff him in the infant carrier. He is rear facing and will be as long as we can make it (hopefully 18 months or more!). In addition to being such a big boy, he has learned a new trick! He can throw a ball! He is working hard to master releasing the ball. He also says ball.

He continues to be a very content baby who loves to crawl, pull up and cruise all day. He is still an awful sleeper. Hopefully, that will change soon. Here is a video of my sweet boy. I made it on my phone! I hope it's ok.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Z is for z end!

So we finished off the alphabet last week. Totally amazing! We have had so much fun with our activities and I can't wait to do a little more. This week we have Vacation Bible School. We are enjoying ourselves but I am already tired after one night! Geez. Getting old I guess. Anyway, we may or may not be doing any "formal" activities for the rest of the summer but I do have a few ideas up my sleeve. This fall a few girls and I are going to form our own preschool co-op. We haven't decided anything but the curriculum which will come from a book called, "Kitchen-Table Play and Learn." I think we will have a great time!

So Z was kind of short. We created a zany Z, a scratch art zebra (which ollie said looked like a dinosaur) and went to the ZOO!

Oh and did I mention that the zoo has a really cool dinosaur exhibit. He really loved it! Imagine that! Here he is with the Maiasauras .

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dawson is 9 months old!

Last Monday, Dawson turned 9 months. It has flown by so very quickly. He has such a neat personality. He is constantly smiling or making funny faces. He can now crawl (very quickly), pull up and cruise, wave, play peek-a-boo, play ball, clap and say mama, dada and ball.

He went to the doctor last week. Here are my big boys stats:

Length: 29.8 inches- 92%
Weight: 22lbs 13 oz- 83%
Head: 46.3 cm- 78%

He is right on track developmentally. I am hoping someday soon he will start sleeping. Just when I think we are getting there he reverts and the longest period of sleep goes back to 3 hours. I am so tired!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Y, we are almost there!

Summer has officially arrived and we are loving our laid back days and the park and pool. For those not living in the Des Moines area let me tell you that it is an awesome place to raise kids. There are tons of parks and there are many free splash pads (kiddie pools) that have lifeguard. We go at least 3 times a week. We also have an art center, science center, zoo and a cool place called living history farms. But unlike most big cities, we dont have much traffic. We are doing less activities and I'm ok with that. I want to be outside as much as possible. Ollie's new favorite thing to do is lift rocks and check out the bugs. Then he bombards me with a myriad of questions-- "What's that? What's it do? What does it eat? Why?" Oh my sweet boy, I don't know. Ask your Bopa!

Dawson loves the pool. He sits and holds his ball and splashes his little hands. He is all smiles as the pool. He constantly dips his face in and laughs. I am loving it!

As for Y, we made a yellow Y, painted with yarn and checked out the length of a yard.