Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

We recently (last Monday night) carved our pumpkins. I figure better late than never. The kids don't know we missed the deadline. They thought it was super fun!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Last Hurrah!

I know I am so behind on blogging but life has me busy and loving every minute. A couple of posts ago, I told you that we went to North Carolina on vacation. What I didn't tell you is that those dates were picked back in April. Why so far out? Well, we have some really awesome friends and with those friends we've went to some really awesome concerts, two of which were The David Crowder Band. There is nothing I love more than worshiping with my very bestest
friends! So when Jeff found out that this was their last tour and that they would be in North Carolina he booked tickets. What a swell guy, eh?

Us in 2007 waiting for the David Crowder Concert

Us in 2011.

Here is the David Crowder concert in November of 2007. We got meet and greet passes because Holly and I went on banged on the bus and she told the sob story of how Jeff is in the military and never able to go to concerts and yada! True but so funny!

Let's give you some background on our dear friends--the Jolly's--Jeff and Holly. We have been through a lot together. Jeff's many deployments, marriage issues (on both sides), the birth of our first child, a move, changes in occupation, birthdays, holidays, teenagers and through it all our relationship has been rooted in Christ. We've never had a relationship quite like it. We have hit concerts, movies, dinners, and a military ball. We got to see Jeff retire from the military. It's been such an amazing ride. And in the summer of 2010, when we discovered we were moving, they chose to drive across country and help.Truly amazing friends!

Next, we come to the Skolozynski's-- Emily and Jeremy. Late nights of Catan, early morning coffee, late night false labors and questions! We had Panera runs and photo sesssions, sunni skies and park dates. We watched their kids turn from babies to kids. Emily and Jeremy both played in the kid's worship band with me! We were in the same Sunday school. So many awesome memories and once again a relationship rooted in Christ.

So, on Tuesday at noon, we packed up for a 3 hour drive to Charlotte to go to a concert. There were laughs and loud singing. Sore backs (after four hours of standing) and lifted spirits (after 4 hours of worship). One of the highlights had to be when the Cellist for Gungor broke out beat boxing! It was A-MAZ-ING! That and I have to say the bluegrass section of David Crowder's set. Go Tell it on the Mountain is my absolute favorite. I begged Bob to do it every Christmas. (Yep, Pastor Ken, that was me!) The whole night was so great!

The Jolly Bautumns! Back together again!

Holly, Emily and I. Can you believe Emily is 30 weeks pregnant here? Yeah me either.

Me and Em!

Bob and Jeremy

I know this post told you next to nothing about the concert. Oops!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mad Science!

Last week, we returned from North Carolina to discover two boxes had arrived from Discovery Toys. I had a party a few weeks back. When I opened them I was thrilled to see PACKING
PEANUTS! WOOHOO! While perusing pinterest, I came across a blog where I woman did a couple science experiments and a bit of art using them not to mention they become an amazing sensory experience.

We drug them out this morning during Dawson's nap to try it out. I started by talking to Ollie about hypothesis. He was already familiar with that word since Buddy from Dinosaur train says it at least once every episode. I asked him to create a hypothesis about what the packing peanuts would do in water. Here is what I wrote on the white board:

Hypothesis: I think the packing peanuts will stay dry in water.

Then we started putting them into the water.

Then we stirred them up.

And we touched them.

And we discovered that they do not stay dry, they dissolve!
Even Bullseye and Woody had fun!

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Plane!

We just got back from a wonderful trip to North Carolina. For those of you who don't know, we just moved to Iowa from North Carolina about a year and a half ago after living there for 7 years. We were a bit homesick for our old friends so we planned this trip. There is so much to tell you about so I think I will have to do a few posts.

Ollie was super excited to ride on the plane. And as excited as we were, we were a bit
apprehensive to take two small children on a plane especially one that took off at 6 am! Dawson was up at 4 and Ollie at 4:30 to make it to the airport. They were so excited that neither of them fell back asleep! I think Ollie asked for 10 granola bars. Anyway, the boys played beautifully together and they both did great. We had a connection in Atlanta.

When we reached Atlanta, we refueled with some coffee and a really expensive fruit cup for the boys. My goodness! Highway robbery! We loaded our next plane and heard those dreaded words: We are experiencing some technical difficulties. A mechanic is on his way over to assess the problem. Oh my goodness! You've
got to be kidding me! Two small children. Trapped. On a plane. AHHHHHH. But wait, what's this? We can get up and go out to the jetway if we like. Sure!

So me and the boys trudged to the front and were snagged by the amazing stewardess who let
them into the cockpit. How awesome is that?! After a couple of photos, we headed to the jetway where the pilot raced them. The crew on this flight were amazing. I couldn't believe it. We were
given snacks and water and fun. The flight only ended up about 30 minutes delayed and we were on our way. The flight attendants called Ollie a pirate because that's what it sounded like when he said pilot. They lovingly brought extra snacks and drinks for them. I was so pleased with Delta. I have every intention of sending an email. I should probably do that!