Monday, April 26, 2010

Slacker momma

Last week was G. I only got in two activities because I'm a slacker momma! But in other news, Ollie is getting rid of his paci & started potty training last week.

One activity we did was golf ball painting. I drew a G on the paper & taped it inside a box. I then placed green paint inside a cup & dropped a golf ball inside the cup. Ollie dumped the ball into the box and shook it around. I think it turned out really cool!

The other activity was a snack. I created glasses from an orange & apple slices. Pure genius. I had more plans but like I said SLACKER!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Proud mommy moment

Of course you all know that I think my little Ollie is the best baby since Jesus. I have the best story to share about why this is totally true!

Today in the nursery, one of the babies, Ava, was in the jumperoo. She dropped her paci. Ollie went over & picked it up. He then preceeded to place one hand gently on the back of her head while he placed the paci in her mouth. Then, he kissed her forehead! How sweet is that?!

I wish I had been there to see. The nursery volunteers said it was absolutely darling!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bob's 30!

My dear, sweet husband turned 30 years old last Sunday. It's funny because we always thought of people who were 30 as "grown ups." It seems we may never feel like we're grown up no matter what the age.

Saturday night we went out with our dear friends, Holly & Jeff. Holly & Bob's birthday is on the same day. We went to dinner at The Brass Lantern. It's a great steak house & we gorged ourselves on salad, steak & desserts.

Sunday morning Ollie made his daddy's wrapping paper & colored in his card. He was so excited that he ran to the bedroom & shoved his gift in Bob's face. It was so cute.

We went to church that morning & then we grilled out that evening with our life group. All in all, I think it was a great weekend!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

F is for feeling icky...

So we started the week strong with lots of Fun! We made a fluffy F by gluing cotton balls onto it. Ollie really enjoyed this activity.

I bought ollie a cool farm puzzle book which we did several times throughout the week. He really enjoyed it & would copy me when I pointed to the f in farm & said f.

We also drew Fs & talked about them. Unfortunately Ollie developed a terrible f-word on Wednesday night--FEVER so the other activities were never done.

If you are wanting to do more, I had planned to make faces on pancakes & use feathers to paint.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

At the Car Wash...

Ollie has decided that Daddy is best. Any other mommies out there struggling with being the inferior parent? I've decided it's ok since if he gets hurt or is tired, he'd rather have me.

Today, poor Ollie was subjected to mom all day. Finally, Daddy came to the rescue & took Ollie out to help wash the cars. You'd have thought he brought him to Disneyland!

The only mishap was when Ollie walked backward into & tripped over the bucket of soaping water. In fell into it & it feel over causing him to bruise his head when it hit the cement. Poor kid!

You may be wondering, "when did they get that sweet new ride?" We bought our 2003 Kia Sedona on Monday night. It only has 40,000 miles on it! I'd tell you what we paid but you'd all be so jealous & we just couldn't brag that way;-)

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We went to the zoo!

A week ago today, we embarked on our first ever trip to the NC Zoo. Our adventure began around 8:30 on Saturday morning. We piled into the car with our packed lunches, water & extra diapers & drove to Asheboro.

We were pleasantly surprised by how large & nice the zoo is. We began by checking out the giraffes. This was an awe-inspiring moment. Ollie's jaw dropped as he set his eyes (for the very first time) on a giraffe. They are facinating creatures & pretty incredible to observe. In the same pen were ostriches. The two were quite spectacular.

From there we headed off to
see elephants & rhinos, lions & gorillas, polar bears & puffins. There was nothing out of the ordinary but we had fun.

If you ask Ollie what he saw at the zoo he'll say, "monkey butts," meaning the baboons. they seemed to be his favorite, in all their glory, smearing their poo on everything. Gross.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

E was easy...

I took the plunge and did a vowel even though I was going to wait until the end. But who could resist E when Easter is right around the corner & egg hunts are abundant!

We started the week with just plain paper & some E stickers. Have I mentioned that my boy loves stickers? They seem to be the most facinating thing on the planet.

I also made an elephant for snack. I'm telling you, a banana can be used to make just about anything. I simplying used the banana as the trunk, apples as the ears & face, strawberries on the ears & a couple dabbles of yogurt for the eyes. Now, an elephant snack is pretty cool but a real elephant is even better! We went to the zoo today & saw a live one! Yay for E!

We also dyed Easter Eggs. Ollie really enjoyed this. I did as well. I had to get over the fact that dye was going to be everywhere & that he wasn't going to remove the eggs with a spoon. (Sigh.) Life with a toddler is fun!

Ollie also did an Easter Egg Hunt at the library. We love it there. Mrs. Angela does an amazing job with the kids. Each of them were given a cute little bag & we took them outside to find eggs. Ollie found 3 & was thrilled.

Well Happy Easter!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Finishing up D

So I have a million and a half blogs to add. But I'll start with my end of week D. We had some printer issues and couldn't do the Daddy collage that I wanted to do. That was a real bummer but I will probably have ollie make one for Father's Day or something.

One of the really fun activities we did was play with dirt. Then, we added some water and made mud. Now most of you would have been smart enough to do this outside but was I? Nooooo. I thought putting him at the table was a marvelous idea. Now it was super fun but super mess, even for my taste.

The other activity we did was glue shapes and color a dinosaur. Ollie got a kick out of this and roared for him frequently.

It doesn't seem that Ollie is retaining all the letters. I'm ok with that. The exposure is enough for me. He'll get it when the time is right and in the meantime we are having a blast exploring new things!