Friday, April 20, 2012

You must read to the end to get a surprise!

Six weeks and one day ago, I went to an ultrasound appointment where they planned to check my cervix. Little did I know that this appointment would result in a crazy roller coaster. Nothing is wrong with my cervix but instead they said that the nuchal folds (neck) of my baby looked thickened. But unfortunately, they really can't evaluate that for another 6 weeks. Now for those who don't know, nuchal thickening is a sign of a plethora of chromosomal disorders such as Downs Syndrome, Trisomy 17, 18, 21 as well as heart issues. Now I really wasn't worried about Downs Syndrome. I know oodles of wonderful kids with Downs Syndrome. I was concerned about the fatal disorders.   At first, I really just decided they were being overly cautious and I didn't stress but the closer the follow up came, the more worried and stressed I got. I feel like I've been a wreck. We didn't tell many people because we didn't want to sound the alarms until we knew more. I think that made it even harder.

Now, I can say that my quiet times (time with God) have been amazing and got more so each day that the ultrasound came closer. I honestly walked in to my ultrasound appointment and told the Lord that no matter what happened, I trusted him. It was a long ultrasound because they had to do an echo cardiogram on the baby. It was a long hour. The tech couldn't tell us the results we had to wait for the dr. Painstakingly, we waited and waited. Finally, we were told our baby was perfectly healthy! What an amazing answer to prayer!

So,  I was so relieved that I went shopping today and bought a hot pink tutu and a couple headbands. Practical stuff huh? I thought it would liven up my cleaning routine. Just kidding. I bought these things because we caved and found out that we are having a girl! We weren't going to but with all the uncertainty, I thought more about knowing. It was a nice distraction. I feel so blessed. Not only did God answer my prayer with a healthy baby but he gave me the desire of my heart by giving me a daughter. A daughter. Sounds surreal and unbelievable. I can't wait to meet her!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Activities

We started our week by talking about Jesus and his entrance into Jerusalem while people rejoiced. The boys painted white tissue paper palm leaves with water color paint. They turned out pretty neat. I was glad to find that idea online!

We talked about how Judas betrayed Jesus by telling the leaders where Jesus was in exchange for 30 coins. I cut 30 coins for each. We counted them aloud. Ollie punched holes in his and strung them onto a piece of yarn to work on hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Dawson simply glued them to paper. Neither boy used all thirty.

On Wednesday, we hosted an Easter party. I will so a blog on that separately. To prepare for the paper, Ollie and Dawson helped me to make egg shaped cookies. There is a lot of symbolism behind the egg. We talked mostly about how when the eggs are empty they represent the empty tomb because Jesus is alive!

On Thursday, we did two things. First, the boys, nana and I dyed eggs. What a disaster! I have to say that it was not my proudest mommy moment. I was a lunatic. First, Ollie tried to eat one of the dye tablets because he thought it was candy. Then, Dawson dumped the vinegar out onto the table. Ollie continually picked up the dye cups and sloshed them around. Dawson took a bite out of an egg--shell and all! OH MY WORD! At one point I think I said, "This is supposed to be fun!" haha. Lesson learned. Tell them what will happen before you set dye on the table dumby!

While Dawson napped, Ollie and I created a tomb scene. I found this idea on Confessions of a Homeschooler. For complete instructions, go to the link above. I scaled down the size of ours. I bought a much smaller plastic tray for the bottom. I used half of a plastic egg for the tomb. Ollie was a mad man with the grass seed which he sprinkled on top.

 Today, the boys and I made a blue construction paper Jesus to put inside the tomb. The rock is now in front of the tomb. Guess who won't be inside the tomb on Sunday morning?