Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dedication Day

This past Sunday was a very special one for our little lady. She was dedicated at church. at our church, we don't do infant baptism. We wait for them to make the decision to be baptized. Instead we do a dedication. A dedication is simply saying that our child belongs to God and that we pledge to raise our child in the way that the Lord calls us to. We had lots of family come to church with us and Nora had a party after which she slept through. I took no pictures at her party. Luckily, my SIL took pictures during the dedication. WE got out the camera after everyone left!

She's such a joy! We are thrilled to have her and look forward to teaching her all about her Savior who loves her. Below is a video I made for her. I played it at our party after church.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Bah Bah Blogging

So I've begun to get very down on myself about my infrequent blogging and my infrequent house cleaning, and my infrequent fun activities that make a big mess-ing. Truth is, I am slam worn out at the end of the day and although I get up early to get things done in the morning, I barely get through my quiet time before Little Miss is up.

My days are filled with lots of joy and lots of challenges. You see these two sweet little angels?

You wouldn't know it by their faces, but they are ruthless! We've recently started fighting. I don't mean "Waahhh. Mom he took my toy!" fighting. I mean " IM GONNA PUNCH YOU IN THE BACK AND PULL YOUR HAIR UNTIL YOU GIVE ME THAT," fighting. Lovely, huh? It seems when I ask my friends about this none of their kids are doing this. Apparently, I either really suck or my boys had some aggressive gene implanted after being abducted by aliens. And then there is this:

Seriously, the easiest baby ever born. It's good thing to because when they aren't fighting. Middle man is doing things like this:

and when he's not doing that 
he's ripping pages from library books
coloring in them with sharpies
coloring my windows with chapstick
dumping the folded laundry and swimming in it
coloring the piano with chalk
dumping milk on the table and smashing the play-doh into it
smearing peanut butter on himself and getting in my bed.

Oh yes my friends this is the short list and it only takes two minutes (like about the amount of time it takes to change a diaper). And I think all of those things happened yesterday. Usually, Ollie comes running and says, "Mom, come see what Dawson did." (Sigh- in my head there may be some profanity)

Now don't get me wrong, I love him dearly and you know sometimes the tough ones are really neat people. He's funny and charismatic and absolutely adorable but he will be the one to make me look old. 

My children are a blessing from the Lord. I am very thankful for them. I look forward to laughing about their antics when I am old although I do not look forward to them growing up!