Sunday, September 15, 2013

Elenora Jade's 1st Birthday!

For those of you who don't know me, I LOVE PARTIES! I used to be a children ministry director and one of my favorite parts of the job was event planning. Back then, I was lucky enough to have a whole team of folks who helped me. So now, I'm on my own! Well I do have a very creative and helpful husband, mother and sister. Esty comes in handy as well. I decided almost a year ago that Nora would have an Alice in Wonderland party for her first birthday. I've always loved that story!

 I harassed Bob about creating and invitation for me and then I discovered that you can buy a custom invitation for under $10. They send you a file and you print them yourself. Bob will tell you the $10 was worth it! Look at these darling invitations from nickeldesign. She was quick and wonderful to work with.
I bought 4 sets of fake flowers at the dollar tree and a bag of googly eyes. I created the living flowers. I borrowed a few tea pots from a dear friend and my mom dug out the ones she saved from my wedding. Such cute and easy decor. I have a few sets of china (one of mine, one that was my godmothers and one that is my grandmother-in-laws). I pulled out a few cups and saucers and printed little tags that said, "move down!" 

 Drink me! and Eat Me! are such an important part of Alice's story. I made "drink me" labels for all the drinks. I bought bottles. I really wanted to buy glass bottles but the cheap part of me won out. It was just so spendy! I made the cupcakes from a box (gasp- oh the horror) and the frosting from a can. I pulled out my decorating bag and tips and wrote "eat me" on each one. Then ollie decided to add sprinkles. They were quite as I had hoped but still cute!
Off with their heads! The queen of hearts. Gotta love her, right? I went to Hobby Lobby and found a rose mold for $1.99. I picked up the meltable candy and went to work. I put just a little red in the bottom and then poured in the white to get that painted white rose look. I had the canister tucked away in a box. I bought a set of cards for $1 at the dollar tree. I also picked up the powder blue table cloth, white table cloth and the plates. Such a great store!

My mom sewed this darling dress for Nora. I just love it! It is perfect for Alice in Wonderland. I ordered a petticoat and got her some like black leather shoes. I'm so thankful for such a talented mom!

The party was pretty low key. Unfortunately, several family members were suffering from the stomach flu and couldn't make it. I'm thankful Nora is too young to notice their absence. Nora got many wonderful gifts including her own copy of Alice in Wonderland, a charm bracelet with a heart charm (represent the queen of hearts) and a jewelry ox to keep it in. She also received some great toys and clothes. We are thankful for the blessings!

 I love having a girl! Bob has decided next year that the kids will have one giant party for family and friends. So I'm already trying to come up with a theme for that will be pleasing to both the boys and my little princess!

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  1. AWW I love your idea of themed parties!!! I know who to call up now for ideas. Great job, Autumn!